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William Brown

William Brown hails from the town of Hays, Kansas where he was raised with his three older sisters. He graduated from a private Catholic high school before attending Northwestern University as a theater major. He married shortly after graduation and began working as a professional actor in Chicago. Following the birth of his daughter, the family moved to Bloomington, Indiana for his wife to pursue an MBA. Her career first took them to Fort Wayne, Indiana where their son was born. William became primarily a stay-at-home dad and part-time actor. His wife’s corporate career took them to Tennessee, Florida, Connecticut, Virginia, and finally to Atlanta, Georgia. 


After coming out and the subsequent divorce, William attended Georgia State University for his Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. His coursework included a practicum and internship at Ridgeview Institute, a mental health hospital treating addiction and psychological issues. After graduating, he worked at The Equality Counseling Center with supervision from Becky Beaton, PhD, LPC. He started his private practice, William Brown Counseling Services, in 2015, and his focus includes working with the LGBTQ+ community on a cross section of mental health issues. He established a therapy group called Out Late for those coming out later in life in 2012, and he works extensively with individuals and couples facing the reality of a spouse coming out as gay or bisexual. He partnered with several colleagues to establish The LGBTQ Therapist Resource, an association of affirming mental health providers that seeks to improve access to safe, competent therapists for LGBTQ+ identified individuals in Georgia.


Today William lives with his partner, Matt, and their two sweet dogs, Annie and Iggy. They have four adult children between them, and they enjoy hopping on a plane to get away whenever they can – at least now that we can hop on planes again!